TEK server invitation

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1) The name PLAYER is not allowed.
2) No shooting into or out of spawn
3) Apologize for all Team Kills
4) TK on purpose you will be kicked/banned
5) This is a PG server, no swearing or offensive names.
6) Be respectful to all players.
7) No racist or sexual remarks allowed
8) Only clan members may join the axis side
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Backalley Steve
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TEK server invitation

Post by Backalley Steve »

Just got an invitation by TEK Coolhec that tomorrow, thats saturday 2/4/2022 around 8 PM Eastern time theyre dropping the bots and going humans Vs humans a couple of maps and all FBS guys are invited to join.

Thats 2 AM for me so i wont be there but i promised id let you all know.

*fart noise*

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Max Power
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Re: TEK server invitation

Post by Max Power »

I know a couple and still respect (highly) a very few over there. I will not go on a TEK Server still though. Too many hackers and never did anything about it so I will never support them. They lost everything for a bit there....... no clue why they tried to come back under the same name...... TEK can fuck off!

Turkey said he saw Sneg do it!

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