Rules agreement

Here is where the BS starts over a fresh ba·guette and steaming cup of Java or tea
Forum rules
1) The name PLAYER is not allowed.
2) No shooting into or out of spawn
3) Apologize for all Team Kills
4) TK on purpose you will be kicked/banned
5) This is a PG server, no swearing or offensive names.
6) Be respectful to all players.
7) No racist or sexual remarks allowed
8) Only clan members may join the axis side
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Rules agreement

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The plugin will pop up a menu to players that join the server, asking them if they "Agree" or "Decline" your server rules. If they Agree, they will be logged and never be asked again.

If they Decline, they will be kick instantly, and if they reconnect, they will automatically be kicked again after 60 seconds.
They have to find an admin to clear their deeds if they wish to indeed play on the server.
This feature is here to make sure that all players that play on your server don't just "simply agree"... Players will be discouraged from blindly accepting your server rules.
The third option on this list will be to go and reread the rules again before they have to decide.
This elominates all admins/members having to confirm that the player knows the rules and they can punish as they see fit for them breaking the rules they've agreed to follow.

it will be #7 to agree
it will be #8 to disagree
and #9 to see the rules again

so this is active on the server so if you dont pay attention you may automatically be unable to join the server, so please either take the time to re-read the rules and then accept or accept and be prepared to be disciplibed/punished if you break them

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